We provide IT Services and NAS setup (Network Attached Storage) at your home or your office. NAS setup includes NAS devices, hard disks, installation, configuration and more.

With Network Attached Storage, you can do all of these and more:

  • File Sharing - Share folders and files with all your colleagues with different levels of access rights
  • Cloud Syncing - Sync your NAS drive to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox or vice-versa
  • Multimedia - Make your NAS a DLNA server and stream movies and music to all your smart devices
  • Mail - Have your own mail server without relying on Gmail or 3rd party services to use mail, calendar & notes
  • Office Productivity - Work seamlessly and collaborate together on your documents and spreadsheets
  • Data Backup - Backup your entire office or exactly the files you need
  • All-in-One Server - Web Server, DNS Server, DHCP Server, Print Server, Mail Server, VPN Server and more
  • Disaster Recovery - Be prepared for any loss of data, anytime, anywhere

NAS setup enables you to effectively backup all your data and access it from anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone or a computer.

Home: Need to share all those movies and music with the entire family? Want to stream your music to your soundbar without turning on the computer? NAS can do all that and more!

Office: Confidential accounts and financial files can be kept with access to only the right staff. Need to collaborate and work on excel spreadsheets and maintain multiple versions? NAS has you covered.

We can provide a variety of NAS storage systems:

  • NAS storage from simple 2 Bay to a large 12 Bay system
  • Raw storage capacity of anything from 2 TB to a whooping 240 TB
  • Prices start from as low as S$599