PROMO: Our prices for Work from Home Solutions and Remote IT Solutions start from just $200 and can be implemented within 24 hours.

The COVID-19 developments worldwide have caused many Governments to initiate lock-downs and quarantines of large groups of populations. Even in Singapore, the Government has issued advisories to business to put in place a Business Continuity Plan or BCP.

Here are some of the advisories and information outlets that the Government has provided:

Advisories on COVID-19

Safe Distancing Guidelines

While a substantial number of MNCs and Large companies managed to shift a key portion of their workforce to work from home, many of the SMEs have been taken by surprise as most do not have a BCP in place and even if they had, they were very rudimentary in nature.

At Arksys Technologies, we have identified the need for rapid and cost effective way to implement such work from home solutions or remote IT solutions for SMEs and small companies. We are able to implement such services in any office which has an internet connection.

We provide secured VPN access to work remotely from your home. This enables your business to function without any disruption or interruption. Our remote access solutions to offices not only guarantee secured and encrypted connectivity, they also ensure that all your devices in the office are accessible remotely from any device and any location.

There are several solutions that can be rapidly implemented by Arksys Technologies. These are primarily categorized into:

Access to NAS* through VPN**
  • Advantages
    • Implemented within 48 hours
    • Permanent solution
    • High initial costs
    • Low long term costs
    • Larger capacity at lower costs
    • Able to increase storage space
  • What is needed to setup?
Access to Cloud Storage
  • Advantages
    • Implemented within 24 hours
    • Permanent or Temporary solution
    • Very low initial costs
    • Higher long term costs
    • Lower capacity for higher costs
    • Very easy to increase storage space
  • What is needed to setup?

*What is a NAS?

A NAS or a Network Attached Storage device is a server that makes a large centralized storage space available on the network in a secured manner. This storage space provide access to all your files and folders and can then be accessed from your office or remotely from anywhere in the world. This also enables 24-hours multiple user connectivity to ensure productivity is never compromised.

If you do not have a NAS System in your office, click here to request us for a quote.

**What is a VPN?

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network allows you to securely extend a private network (office/home) over the public network (internet) and enables remote users to send and receive data directly to the devices and computers within the private network. In other words, it connects your computer to your office network, over the internet, in a secure and encrypted manner.