Why is Website Maintenance Important?

Many of us may not realize, but website maintenance is more important than the creation of it! In fact, it is also a more tedious job for us as developers. That doesn’t keep us away from offering website maintenance as a service!

Provide better security

Security is one of the chief reason why website maintenance is so important. Your website connects you with your client base as such both your business and your client can be effected drastically if your website was hacked. Regular patching of key components in your website ensures that you are keeping yourself and your clients safe at all times.

List better in Google Search

Lets all admit it, who doesn’t want to list in that number one search results page in Google? Did you know that by regularly maintaining your website and keeping it updated, you are securing your way to list higher in Google Search results? In fact, Google raises the rankings of websites that are updated regularly. So it is key to maintain your website by fixing broken links, removing duplicate pages, deleted dead-ends and keeping your content up-to-date.

Provide Optimized Visitor Experience

A well maintained website is absolutely essential to show your visitors you mean business. Nobody would want to come searching for your services if your website was updated 5 years ago. Keeping your website updated with fresh content, pictures etc, ensures that there is always something to attract the visitor and keep him engaged on your site. It not only promotes your brand but it directly impacts your visitor traffic to your website.

Maintain your website from just S$20!

Don't leave your website all alone by itself once it has been created. Contact us today to check on our Website Maintenance Packages which start from just S$20/month. We also provide one-time Website Maintenance Packages from just S$119.